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Project Activities

  • Research study: This would involve analysis of existing national and regional trade and agriculture policy, legislation, framework and institutional capacity to assess existing national needs and weaknesses.  The study would also involve both desk-based and field research and would focus on government policy and regulations which needs to be reviewed and revised to enhance the enabling environment for the development of food markets in relation to trade agreements to be implemented. The Study would also assess the levels of the implementation of the ECOWAS Agriculture Policy (ECOWAP) in Partner countries and the role of ECOWAS Commission to be more effective in support of national organisations to implement their agriculture policy. It would also focus on the supporting role of Academic Institutions in the implementation of (ECOWAP);
  • Assess the negotiating capacities of government officials from the Ministries of Trade & Agriculture, and identify their weaknesses for which capacity-building training courses needs to be developed, for them to contribute to the development of curriculum and to deliver lectures on agriculture trade agreements in their institutes. Assessment would also be made of the enabling Policy and regulatory environment of the Partner countries, and existing institutional challenges which hinders the development and competitiveness of the agro-sector in the country. The work of the experts will focus on trade agreements and positions which would help enhance the competitiveness of the regional agro-market including identifying new opportunities for markets in the ECOWAS region and EU Member countries. Data would also be collected on the rights of women and environment on trade agreements.
  • Publication of Policy Research Papers related to national activities in the implementation of ECOWAP and other related agriculture programmes in the Partner countries.  These papers would be made available to the Communication and Visibility Expert and published on the project website. It would also be used as the basis for discussions at the Workshop to be held.
  • Workshops to discuss study outcomes, recommendations and role of Universities in the implementation of the regional ECOWAS Agriculture Policy.
  • Development of post-graduate curriculum and training manual on Agriculture Trade Agreements and Negotiations. The development of the new curriculum on Trade Agreements and the development of negotiating capacities would help enhance the capacity of Academic Institutions towards the implementation of ECOWAP in the Partner countries.
  • Capacity-building training courses would target government officials, farmers organisations and civil society in raising awareness of the impact of trade agreements on the competitiveness of the regional agriculture markets and regional food security, and also help in reinforcing links between research, teaching and practical application of research findings in the agriculture sector.




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